Amwell Valley Hounds - Opening Day

Amwell Valley Hounds - Opening Day
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Another wonderful Opening Day

Dawn of this past Sunday's Opening Hunt was warm and beautiful. The weather was perfect and 35 members and guests brought their shiny ponies, adorned in their clean and polished tack for the glorious event. Everything went off without a hitch. Both First and Second Flights were well in control, and we set off at a comfortable pace. There were numerous jumps to negotiate along with several that were debuted this fine sunny day. Hounds worked for four hours, and at one point we heard them full on... and split, with intensity in their cry, far, far away from one another. I wondered how the Huntsman knew which group to follow. Keen insight proved correct as we followed the hounds down by the river bed, and were on a line for quite some time before putting a fox to ground. Overall, it was a wonderful day. Not a single donation was made to the slippery saddle coffer and the field and hounds returned to the trailers for a brief respite after four hours of running.

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